Anthony Weiner Gets In Awesome Pre-Rosh Hashanah Shouting Match With Jewish Voter — UPDATED

As we enter the High Holidays, in which Jews around the world are supposed to reflect on their deeds and actions of the past year, it’s none other than Anthony Weiner who gives what might be the most rousing Rosh Hashanah sermon of the season. Accosted by an angry voter over his many, many indiscretions, Weiner comes out swinging with the ultimate Jewish comeback, especially on the day before the Jewish new year: “Go visit with your Rabbi. Shows how much you know.” and later “You are not my god.”

When asked later if he’d be forgiving the concerned constituent, Weiner is all class, replying “Of course, of course. I don’t hold it against him.”

Shanah tovah, Anthony! And happy J/New year to you all!

[h/t Harry]


UPDATE: Not taking this whole incident lying down, the Weiner campaign just released a longer video of the altercation, in which we see the reason for the wrath of Weiner; he was defending his wife’s honor. FF to about 3:45 for the fireworks to begin. And, by “the fireworks” I mean “Out of the blue, some schmuck calls Weiner a ‘scumbag,’ and tosses out ‘you married an Arab‘ as a slur”.

[via Gawker]

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