Anne Frank Responds To Justin Bieber

At this point just about everyone has weighed in on Justin Bieber, and his hope that Anne Frank would have “been a Belieber” – Hell, even Anne’s stepsister offered her two cents (Here’re our thoughts, by the way). But, you know who we haven’t heard from? Anne Frank, herself. Until now.

Coming to us through the magic of YouTube, here’s Anne, with her reply to Justin.


What do you think?

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13 Responses

  1. RR

    Inappropriate and not funny. Bieber’s words weren’t even disrespectful enough to warrant this youtube video considering she loved pop culture and the celebrities of her day.

  2. Mike

    Idiotic…. firstly this is just as bad as what Bieber did in the first place…. AND she was Dutch, not German… idiots….

  3. Sue

    Inappropriate, not funny, very disrespectful to her memory, and in very bad taste! All involved with this video should hang their heads in shame! This should be removed!

  4. Eileen

    To be honest, I really don’t know what to think about this. On one side, Justin was pretty ignorant about his remarks, but he’s a teenage rock star, so it’s kind of excuseable. On the other side, this is also pretty sick, but it’s meant to make you think. The one main correction I have is that Anne was from the Netherlands, and the way to say “Good-bye” is “Tot ziens”.

  5. Trudi Goodman

    Mike, she was German not Dutch. Oy. Read up please. I do think this is dumb also, but it raises some good points. Good for whoever put this together. Justin should try reading a book periodically. It’s good for the soul. Oy.

  6. David

    It’s rude, but it made me laugh and she gets some important points across. Also, though they lived in the Netherlands I believe the family had moved there from Germany when Anne was a child so saying goodbye in German wouldn’t be that unusual.

  7. DAve

    Lets agree that Bieber is idiot #1 and the person that made this video is idiot #2 but a funny idiot

  8. TJ

    Anne Frank and her family moved from Germany to the Netherlands in 1933, when she was between 4 and 5. She died at 15. Her schooling was in Dutch and her diary was written in Dutch.

  9. Julie

    OMG sorry but as a Dutch person let me step in here and say that since Anne Frank spoke Dutch with her family and wrote Dutch, and since her family was being persecuted by the Germans, she would probably NOT speak with a ridiculous German accent (which sounds very different than a Dutch accent) or say goodbye in German.


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