Werewolfs, Emos and Nuclear War: Monday’s Links

Emo culture invades Saudi Arabia and 10 girls are jailed for dressing up goth. Commentators have decried the arrests as “unfair,” saying emo kids everywhere should be jailed for their shitty clothes. (News Real Blog)

Israel dealt with the (white) devil. New info confirms Israel-Apartheid nuclear ties. (Palestine Note)

Because the Twilight fad wasn’t annoying enough. Depressed teens abandon vampirism, claim to be werewolves, still don’t get laid. (The Internet Today)

Life just got a little easier for people with useless degrees. Nancy Pelosi promises health care coverage for the creative underclass. English Lit. majors rejoice. (Death + Taxes)

Coed Magazine wonders how a country with such high-quality T&A can also have so much war? 68 hot Israel chicks. (COED)

What do you think?

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