“Videos Of Strange Caliber” Is A Short Documentary About The Cutting Edge Of Modern Dating For Schlemiels

When last we saw filmmaker Josh Freed and his pal Yossi Rosenberg, they were regaling viewers with the congruent tragedies of both Yossi’s romantic and roommate circumstances in Josh’s short film “The Apartment.” Now they’re both back with another dip into Yossi’s surprisingly deep (or, shallow – depending on how you wanna look at it) dating pool. This time, though, Yossi is keeping his distance from any potential romantic partners, instead preferring to shell out a couple of shekels to pay perfect strangers on the internet do the heavy lifting for him. Over..and over…and over…

Just watch Josh’s newest Yossi-mentary, Videos Of Strange Caliber:

Not that Yossi should necessarily feel let down by his foray into 3rd party dating. At a recent Williamsburg screening of Strange Caliber, Yossi was treated like a conquering hero, a king Schlemiel, as this (totally not at all staged. Nope. Nu-uh) video shows:

By the way – if any of our female readers want to date Yossi, feel free to let him know in the comments. Or better yet, hire an internet stranger to do it for you.

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