Treat Yourself To This Video Of GIRLS‘ Zosia Mamet Rapping

Given that she’s the daughter of award winning playwright (and, lately, right-wing nutter) David Mamet, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that GIRLS actress Zosia Mamet would have a way with words. Still, do they have to be these words and does she have to be this painfully awkward while speaking them? What is happening here?

Actually, the above is a clip from the film Rhymes With Banana, in which Zosia and fellow rapper Jee Young Han play delusional struggling actors/musicians/kidnappers alongside a cast that includes Judith Light and Jaleel White, or as you probably know him: Steve motherfucking Urkel.

 Looks awesome. Let’s just hope they keep the rapping at a minimum.

What do you think?

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