From “Jewish Journey” To “Blonde Burlesque Bombshell”

Fans of the national burlesque circuit undoubtedly recognize performer Minnie Tonka, either from her solo work, or as one half of the acclaimed Schlep Sisters (about whose annual “Menorah Horah” revue we’ve previously written).

While anyone who has seen Minnie perform has seen an awful lot of her, they probably haven’t seen her collection of traditional Judaica, or knew that she came to burlesque after studying at the Jewish Theological Seminary – literally, the mothership of Conservative Judaism. Well, in this new promo video for GetNakedNYC‘s upcoming burlesque documentary, Miss Tonka shows more than just skin (although, there’s plenty of that too) and opens up about how feeling out of place along her Jewish journey lead to a career in taking her clothes off.

The video is, as you should probably expect, a bit NSFW. It’s also, as you should probably expect, a whole lot of fun:

What do you think?

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