The Best Gift For Hanukkah? Nudity!

After watching the preview for international burlesque super-duo The Schlep Sistersupcoming Hanukkah performance, I can’t help but wonder why every Jewish holiday can’t be celebrated with a burlesque revue? Take your pick from the long, often somber, list of Jewish holidays, and then just spice things up with some tasteful T&A: Yom Kippur with tassels! Passover-pasties! The possibilities are endless.

Check out what the Schleps have in store for their annual “Menorah Horah” revue, and tell me this isn’t how all every Jewish holiday – hell, every holiday, period! – should be celebrated:

If you’re in or around New York City you can check out the real deal at the 7th Annual Menorah Horah on Dec. 5th at Le Poisson Rouge. Featuring music, laughs, latkes and burlesque, the Menorah Horah is one Hanukkah party you can’t miss.

Doors open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7.
For ticket and location information, visit

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