Regrowing Your Turtleneck, Gwyneth’s Dumb Book Deal, Israeli Energy-Jewelry [Weekly Linkage]

_MG_2500.CR2Scientists Claim Circumcision Will Be Reversible [SMN Weekly]

Hundreds Attend Funeral Of Copenhagen Gunman [Yahoo]

Israeli Jewelry That Harvests Energy From Your Veins [IFL Science]

Hey Dummy, Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To Sell You $300 Worth Of Books For $600 [Dangerous Minds]

Israeli And Palestinian Farmers Unite Over Oil [GOOD]

Giant Ceiling Mirror Falls On Diners At NYC Restaurant Balthazar [D+T]

What I Learned From Watching A Week Of Russian TV [NY Times]

It’s Tough To Walk Around Paris As A Jew… Or Is It? [Forward]


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