How Much Do Israeli Air Travelers Love Their Chocolate? This Much.

Have you ever really wanted some chocolate? I mean really wanted some chocolate? I mean, start threatening a total stranger because you’ve gone completely out of your fucking skull for a goddamned piece of chocolate?

These Israir passengers on a flight to Bulgaria have. They want their duty-free chocolate, and they want it now.

The video’s in Hebrew, but even if you don’t speak the language, you’ll get the drift:

As Haaretz reports:

“You work for me,” shouted the first woman. “I paid for the flight and I want chocolate.”

Another passenger, reportedly her sister, chimed in with “sell her the chocolate, you piece of rubbish.” When the attendant threatened to have them removed from the plane, the first woman’s husband responded, “I don’t give a fuck for you or Varna.”

YNet has a slightly different translation:

Seconds later she was joined by a woman who identified as her sister, who hurled abuse at the flight attendant: “You piece of trash! Don’t look at me!” The sister later repeated the same insults and added, “I’ll steal the chocolate from you!”

At this point, another passenger joined the argument, likely another relative, who got up from his seat suddenly, saying: “I don’t give a f*** about you, you a**hole!” and adding further abuse.

Next time, how about you just pack a Twix?

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