Introducing Our New Webseries: Jew York City

It’s no secret that we’ve long been fans of notorious Upper West Side schlemiel Yossi Rosenberg for some time now. So, when we were pitched the idea of creating a new webseries with Yossi as our star, we leapt at the opportunity.

In our first episode of Jew York City, New York City is grappling with the airbnb dilemma in its midst, and Yossi is faced with an existential crisis: How will he make enough cash to pay for his extravagant city lifestyle if he can’t rent out his bed, sofa, other sofa, and (in extreme situations) row of chairs? If there’s one thing that can make this New York yid get off his ass and out marching in the streets, it’s the prospect of losing his yoga classes, should the popular apartment rental service be banned in NYC.

And so, our hero joins other bnb-ers at a rally the cold streets of Manhattan, protesting for something he truly believes in – The rights of total strangers to pay him cash in exchange for sleeping on his furniture.

Enjoy our first episode of Jew York City:

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Jew York City

Jew York City is Heeb's web series which follows the trials and tribulations of Yossi Rosenberg, notorious schlemiel of the Upper West Side.

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