Links of Repentance for Considering Assassination

“I was told by a rabbi to kill Rabin” (Tablet)

Overfishing Leaves Much of Mediterranean a Dead Sea (National Geographic)

Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male (RooshV)

Infant died after contracting herpes through circumcision sucking ritual (Gothamist) (NY Daily News)

How smoking marijuana makes you lose your memory by scrambling your brain waves (Mail Online)

Video: “Hasidic Hottie” Model on Dr. Phil (Failed Messiah)

Raised Christian, but Jewish by Birth (Forward)

Atheists Target Fundamentalist Enclaves (The Jewish Press)

Cops and brides are Purim’s hottest costumes (The Brooklyn Paper)

Jello Biafra asks, “Should musicians boycott Israel?” (Aljazeera)

JNF should plant trees, not uproot families (JTA)

The one-state solution comes to Brandeis [Israeli Apartheid Week] (New Voices)

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