Freaky Nazi Twin Colony Flourishes in Brazil

What ifJosef Mengele, the infamous Nazi "Angel of Death," continued his twisted work after fleeing Europe? What if he operated in secret, under assumed names, carrying out hissick genetic experimentsin an attempt to create a master race? No it’s notthat movie with Lawrence Olivier, but it’s similar, and includes just as manycreepy kids.

Yesterday, theNew York Times brought us the story ofCândido Godói, a remote and almost exclusively German town in Brazil that boasts of being the "twin capital of the world." There are 38 pairs of twins in a town of about 80 families, about 6 times the normal rate, and nobody seems to know why.Popular Argentine journalist and authorJorge Camarasa, and Anencir Flores da Silva, a local doctor and former mayor of the town, have led separate investigations into the matter, and have both come up with a Mengele link. Apparently back in the day, he would just roam around the area, experimenting on locals, posing as alternatively a vet, a gynecologist, or adentist:

“‘I am convinced that Mengele was in the region and was observing the twins phenomenon,'” Dr. da Silva said. He said a man identifying himself as Rudolf Weiss attended women with varicose veins and sometimes performed dental work. And some residents told him a German man was driving from home to home in a mobile laboratory, collecting samples and ministering to women."

OK, not exactly proof, but hey – this place is weird as hell, check out theirofficial town site.

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