Forget GTA 5, This “Angry Jew” Video Game Trailer Looks Amazing

The newest trailer for the latest installment of the popular “Grand Theft Auto” video game franchise dropped on Wednesday, making considerable waves in the gaming world. Featuring a triune of protagonists, a dramatically expanded playable map covered in mini-games, and the ability to invest your in-game earning in the in-game stock market (As a friend of mine put it, GTA is becoming the SIMS – “Go for a bike ride! Invest in real estate! Blow up a helicopter!”) Grand Theft Auto Five is clearly positioned to be one of, if not the biggest video game release of the year. And I couldn’t care less.

There’s a different video game I’m drooling over.

Posted late Wednesday night by youtube user Gil Elnekave, this Angry Jew video features 32 seconds of tantalizing platformer gameplay.

A be-hatted Jew leaping around the wilds of Eastern Europe, socking any cossack who dare get in his way? Yes, please.

And, you’d better believe I’m already getting excited for Angry Jew: Star Wars.

What do you think?

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