A Helpful Guide To San Francisco For New Yorkers

For all the multi-culti shit that goes down in the five boroughs, it’s no exaggeration to say that New Yorkers are the most provincial people in the United States. Ask a Brooklynite to go into the Manhattan for anything other than work, and they’ll look at you like you’re nuts. Ask a Manhattanite to leave the the island for, well, anything, and they’ll laugh in your face (don’t bother asking anyone from Staten Island anything, ever). Most New Yorkers assume there’s nothing but gaping chasms and bubbling lava pools as soon as you cross the city limits.

Still, theres a whole wide world of people and places out there. Take San Francisco: World class food scene, exorbitantly expensive housing, and weirdos on every street corner. Should make any New Yorker feel right at home, right? Nope. It might as well be Mars. So, in the interest of cross-country cultural understanding, an anonymous artist over at visua.ly created this handy map to help explain the strange and exotic world of California’s Bay Area to New York’s parochial populace.

The San Francisco Bay for New Yorkers
If only all geography lessons were this easy.
[Via Visua.ly]

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