Our First Look At FX’s FARGO TV Series


Maybe it’s because I feel the sort of kinship with St. Louis Park wunderkinder Joel and Ethan Coen that only comes from an alchemic mix of geo-and-ethnographic similarities (like them, I’m a Jewish kid from the Twin Cities) that I’ve been so resistant to the idea of a Fargo TV series. Sure, we may be living in the golden age of television blah blah blah, but to take one of the high-water marks in neo-noir(ish) cinema, chop it up, serialize it, and compact it to fit into our living rooms seems like an unforgivable disservice to the Coens and their masterpiece.

Having said that…

Id’know. These teasers, released last week, look kind of…good? They don’t give us a whole lot to go off of, just hints of something sinister afoot in the great white north, but maybe – just maybe – sorties of ice cold murder along the Minnesota/North Dakota border  might make for some half-way decent TV; At the very least my curiosity is nice and piqued. Sure, no television series could come close to the lonely grandeur of Fargo’s snow-sweapt highways on the big screen, but with a cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Platt, Martin Freeman, and Kate Walsh alongside Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk, and the Hebrew Hammer himself, Adam Goldberg, I’m cautiously optimistic.

See for yourself:

The Coens themselves have allegedly given the series their blessing, so now all we can do is wait and see.

Fargo premiers April 15th on FX.

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