Watch Iggy Azalea Transform Into A Flawless Cher Horowitz In Her Clueless Inspired “Fancy” Vid

There are many aspects of 1995’s Clueless that could rightly be called “timeless” – most specifically, stars Paul Rudd and Stacy Dash, neither of whom appear to have aged a goddamned second since the film was released nearly 20 years ago….Actually, those are probably the only parts of Clueless that could be called “timeless”; Despite what gaggles of clueless Clueless apologists may say, that movie has not aged very well. At all.

As we close in on next year’s 20th anniversary of Clueless’ release, the bombardment of Clueless fetish nostalgia is almost guaranteed to become unbearable. So, before we reach that fever pitch of “Why Cher is the best/worst example of _______” think pieces that are sure to be coming down the pike, I wanna go on record and say that this Iggy Azalea video is the best/only Clueless homage we need.

Sure, it’s a little weird to see the Australian glamour-rapper playing uber-jappy Cher Horowitz, but, trust me, it works:

[via Paper]

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