Crooks and Schnooks

Rabbi loses blackmail, extortion and wire fraud appeal. (New York Post)

Rabbi says the French al-Qaeda terror attack that killed a rabbi and three grade school students at a Jewish school happened because goyim are jealous of Jews. (Ynet)

An ultra-Orthodox rabbinic leader helped a Brooklyn yeshiva cover up child sex abuse. (Failed Messiah)

Rabbi pleads guilty in mortgage fraud conspiracy. (New Haven Independent)

New York Republicans want to give ultra-Orthodox yeshivas millions of dollars of pork. (NY Daily News)

Three Haredim arrested in yeshiva fraud scam. (Jerusalem Post)

Israeli journalist busted for allegedly seducing minors online and for child porn. (Ynet)

Don’t run for cover! An ultra-Orthodox rabbi tells Israelis not to stop prayers and leave synagogues to take cover in bomb shelters when missile warning sirens sound. (Ynet)

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  1. Betzalel

    I’ve been banned from Shmarya Rosenberg’s website “Failed Messiah” for pointing out in the comments section the fact that Shmarya has absolutely no evidence that Rabbi Scheinberg helped a Brooklyn yeshiva cover up child sex abuse, as he claims here. (Anyone can check on his website that Shmarya called me all sorts of derogatory names for pointing this out.)

    The only evidence that Shmarya has is a letter from Rabbi Scheinberg claiming that the accused, Rabbi Kolko, is not guilty of child sex abuse. The American courts did not find Rabbi Kolko guilty of child sex abuse either. Kolko pled guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

    It is very irresponsible on the part of Shmarya Rosenberg to make accusations about Rabbi Scheinberg zt”l without backing up his accusations with credible evidence that can be objectively verified.

  2. betzalel


    There is no concrete evidence that I have seen anywhere that Rabbi Scheinberg ruled that because there was no penetration, there was no abuse. I agree that this would be a ridiculous ruling. But this is not in the letter that Rabbi Scheinberg wrote.

    If Shmarya wants to trash the reputation of a great man like Rabbi Scheinberg zt”l, he had better have some real evidence to back it up.

  3. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    Betzalel, I don’t understand your issue. The person Rabbi Scheinberg insisted was innocent accepted a guilty plea. Why are you insisting he was innocent? He wasn’t innocent, correct? He abused boys, correct? Rabbi Scheinberg falsely insisted he was innocent and insisted he should be able to continue to teach boys, correct?

  4. Betzalel


    Rabbi Kolko accepted a guilty plea for a non-sex-related misdemeanor and received a sentence of three years’ probation. See
    Kolko was never convicted of a sex-related felony in a secular court and is not on the sex offender list. Hence, the secular court said the same thing that the Beis Din of Rabbi Scheinberg said – that Kolko is not guilty of sex abuse and hence according to both secular law and Torah Law is presumed innocent of sex abuse.

    Shmarya’s statement that Rabbi Scheinberg helped a Brooklyn yeshiva cover up child sex abuse is not backed up by any concrete evidence. It’s all just gossip.

  5. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    Hey Betzalel, this Kolko guy seems awful, and I have no idea why you are defending the rabbi who wanted this guy to keep teaching little boys, since he was clearly abusive, and again, no one is saying he was innocent of the sexual stuff either. Rather, according to the source you yourself provided, there was pressure that there should not have been to keep from putting the guy away with a trial.

    However, we checked with Shmarya, who rarely bans people on his site, and he warned us that you were a nuisance. So we are taking that under advisement.

  6. Avi

    Balkany is either extremely supid or extremely arrogant thinking he can shake up Cohen like he shakes up the store owners on Avenue J.


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