Coming Attractions: Jewish Cookware Magically Spews Money After Bodily Harm

The-Brass-TeapotBefore it hit theaters, we had high hopes for The Possession – last year’s Matisyahu-starring, Jewish-ghost-busting, horror flick. Then we actually saw the thing, and holy hell did it stink on ice. “Ok” we thought. “Maybe Jewish mysticism just doesn’t work on the big screen. Not the end of the world.” But, where we were willing to throw in the towel, the folks at Magnolia Pictures seem eager to give things another go. And, judging from what we’ve seen of the upcoming film The Brass Teapot, it looks like we may have been wrong, after all.

The Brass Teapot is the story of a down on their luck couple who find themselves in possession of a magical teapot which, when its owner endures physical pain, dispenses a proportional amount of cold hard cash. At first delighted by their (admittedly painful) luck, the couple are soon hounded by a pair of Orthodox Jews seeking the teapot, which their grandmother brought to America as she fled the Holocaust.  Then they learn a lesson about green, and love, and very loud sex. Or something. Here, just watch the trailer, ok?

Drawing upon the myth of Christian proto-traitor Judas Iscariot’s famed “thirty pieces of silver” being transformed into a chalice or cup with otherworldly properties, The Brass Teapot is based on author Tim Macey’s collection of short stories, which were in turn the inspiration for a series of comics.

Maybe we were right and Jewish mysticism will never work on the big screen. But, based on the trailer we’re willing to give The Brass Teapot a shot. After all, if – like its eponymous MacGuffin – the film proves too painful to watch, we can always get our money back.

 [via io9]

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