Fat Jew “DOs” and “DON’Ts” Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city desperately in need of being told what it should and shouldn’t do, and Fat Jew is the man to do it.

In the world premier video edition of Vice Magazine’s popular DOs and DON’Ts feature, Fat Jew (AKA Jewther Vandross, AKA The King of Brunch, AKA Fabrizio Goldstein) and co-conspirator Cat Marnell, drive around Venice Beach like modern-day Caesars,  dispensing nugget-sized affirmation and admonitions, rather than thumbs up or down, to hapless passers-by.


The video, like much of LA, isn’t for the delicate – it’s mean spirited, vulgar, and not particularly safe for work. Unless, of course, you work in Venice Beach, in which case, this is just another day at the office.


[via Vice]

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