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Urban Kvetch: Costa Rica

Costa Rica Now, I've got nothing against the people or even the land. The problem I have is with people who think they're doing anything other than paying for the right to say they're not at Miami Beach. You'r...
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Urban Kvetch: Homies

Homies David Gonzalez says he created these one-inch tall plastic figurines with names such as "Big Vato," "Dr. Bomba" and "El Grumpy" out of love, and we can only imagine that it was for the same reason that ...
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Urban Kvetch: JDate

JDate The Internet ad reads: "760,424 blue-eyed women at JDate.com and counting," and another tallies green-eyed men. Is JDate encouraging us to JHate? Of course lots of Jews are light as can be. But with the ...
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Rain Dances

_(excerpted from original article)_ "I'm black and a Jew—I swear I could spend years in therapy," Rain Pryor says. "But what's the point? I'd rather write about my life and perform it." Pryor, the daughter ...
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The Moral Minority

Sick and tired of the religious right? Meet the men and women increasingly organizing around progressive causes as people of faith. Anya Kamenetz reports on the religious left.
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Out From Under

South Africa, 1936: A young German couple begins a strange new life in this excerpt from Shana Liebman's novel in progress, based on the experiences of her grandparents.

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