ADL Sued for Discrimination Against Goy Employee

The ADL, which claims to “fight all forms of bigotry,” is itself being sued for passing over an employee for promotion because of her race and religion. On the lawsuit, Abe Foxman and the ADL are silent (for once).

The JTA reports,

An employee is suing the Anti-Defamation League for denying her a promotion because she is not Jewish.

Tonietta Moffet says the ADL will not promote her to assistant director because she is “African American and not Jewish,” the New York Post reported Monday. She filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan seeking damages for discrimination.

Moffett spent two years handling the duties of the assistant director in the organization’s National Regional Operations Department shortly after she was hired as an administrative worker, the newspaper reported, citing her filing in court.

Her promotion was denied due to her lack of “a deep understanding of Jewish culture.”

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We certainly don’t want to kick our old friend when he is down, but strongly recommend you see the movie Defamation.

Watch the trailer.

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  1. esegal

    Schwatzes, looking for another handout. Perhaps more than any other group, have AA’s (African Americans) forgotten and turned on those people that have been in their corner the most — us, those edamned Jews. Why is it that we as a group are so miserably liberal, socialistic gelatinous wimps? Hey, the medieval day sof Europe are over, the Dutch West Indies Co. “letting” us stay in New Amsterdam was a longtime ago. What do you feel guilty about? Is this your idea of Tzadaka? Get a grip. When someone kicks you — kick back. This “-isha” didn’t get promoted, how many Heebs have a job with the NAACP, let alone got promoted there? How many Jewish lawyers work for the ACLU representing Schwatzes that wouldn’t piss on your Jew carcass if it was on fire, but would stop to pick the gold teeth out of your mouth or violently attack you? Wasn’t it a AA woman just recently that made anti-Jewish comments with Occupy Wall Street movement about “Jews.” When it comes to color, socio-economic groups, etc, I don’t really care who or what they/you are; it’s eye-for an eye time and stop being such “high-rise dwelling, liberal wimps (in LA , NYC, Seattle, etc), and academic elitist wind-bags. The ADL are basically windbags too; talk about the JDL or is that too blue-collar for you? You Heeb editors seem to be all Jew this and Jew that on the surface but there’s not one ounce of Bar Kochba or Macabean genome in any of you. So all of you group hug each other with some Starbucks, Hagen Daz or whatever foo-foo limp wristed crap you engage in and man-up; publish something of value and take a stand with some sarcasm and humor but ghave some balls for a change. Just making fun of something and being vulgar/hedonistic makes you a bad portrayal of what non-NY/LA jews are about. Oh, I forgot, yo’re the only ones that count. Awaiting your weak smart-assed reply (as usual when you can’t think of something better or think at all). Perhaps you’re too busy putting an article together on Lesbian Laotion Jews that use Facebook to market their line of fashion handbags — how easrth shattering!


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