Teabaggers and TV: Wednesday’s links

Congressional candidate and Sarah Palin fav Vaughn Ward steals much of Obama’s 2004 Democratic Convention speech, which evidently works a lot better on Republicans when spoken by a white man. (The Internet Today)

Mark Williams achieved the teabagger trifecta: He insulted Jews, Muslims and blacks in a single line.  For approving of a mosque near the WTC, Williams called Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer a “Jewish Uncle Tom.” (DNAinfo)

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon? In an unexpected turn of events, Sarah Jessica “looks like a horse” Parker is actually kind of ladylike at the Sex and the City 2 premiere. (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Alec Baldwin might make a bid for public office. The lefty star’s must now get voters to forget about calling his daughter a “selfish little pig,” Mercury Rising and, most difficult of all, little brother Stephen. (Death + Taxes)

Nazi pics aside, Jessie James says he doesn’t hate Jews in a People interview. (In Case You Didn’t Know)

The Parents Television council claims upcoming series $#*! My Dad Says is indecent. The group is pushing CBS to offer more family-friendly (read: boring-as-shit) comedies instead. (TV.Spreadit.org)

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  1. Leo

    Victoria, you’re so provincial. Most of the Teabaggers can be found on Christopher Street.


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