Bar Refaeli: Above Taxes

Image by Yael Abramowitz

Supermodel Bar Refaeli was caught smuggling an iPad at Ben-Gurion airport. Now that iPads are kosher in Israel, Ms. cover-of-Sports Illustrated-engaged-to-Leonardo DiCaprio decided she didn’t want to declare her new 500-dollar gadget. For her deceit, Refaeli was charged double the import tax.

Okay, so this bitch chick earned approximately two million dollars in the past two years. Her fiance makes around twenty million per film. She doesn’t want to serve in the army and doesn’t want to pay Israeli income taxes. And now she doesn’t even want to pay some piddling customs taxes? Instead she’d prefer to bury her high-tech toy under her panties hoping inspectors won’t notice? All we can say is this: That skinny gal must have some giant balls tucked under those sexy swimsuits. Also, we’re sure Esti Ginzburg would have payed that tax.

What do you think?

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. Bell Curve

    Keeping money out of the hands of governments is like keeping whiskey and keys to a Ferrari out of a teenagers hands. Well done Bar, at least you tried :-)


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