Zionists Made Me Whip Out My Schmeckle

(video after the jump)

The Palestinian Authority has its very own sex scandal, and the horny politician in the spotlight, Chief of Staff Rafiq Husseini, is taking full responsibility for his actions. No, just kidding. He’s blaming the Zionists.

The video below shows the top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas snuggling up to an unidentified woman who allegedly wanted a job but needed to "ride his camel" first.

"Do I turn the light off or do you? What’s the procedure?" asks naughty Husseini.

Husseini has repeatedly said the scandal is part of a vast conspiracy. (Sound familiar?) Problem with this theory is that publicly humiliating a Fatah member really only helps Hamas (who believes all Israelis are devils).

Zionists are so impressive. When not swiping third-world organs or manipulating the global economy, they get politcal enemies laid. Is there anything they can’t do?

What do you think?

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. snuffweedbooze

    The Mossad’s campaign to spike the West Bank’s water supply with Viagra looks like it’s getting off to a rousing start.

  2. Anonymous

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