YouTube Lunatic Spreads His Message of Organ Harvesting, Blames AIDS on “Certain Israelis”

Baroness Jenny Tonge, health spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, has been fired for saying Israel should launch an investigation to dispel Internet rumors of IDF medics harvesting organs in Haiti.

"To prevent allegations such as these – which have already been posted on YouTube – going any further, the IDF and the Israeli Medical Association should establish an independent inquiry immediately to clear the names of the team in Haiti."


Jenny Tonge’s comments, not her appearance, have derailed her political career.

In an email to Heeb, T. West of AfriSynergy Productions, the YouTube source of the "Israelis steal organs" story, strongly defends Tonge: "Those who hold political office are especially vulnerable to the well funded and connected Zionist organizations."

"For many decades, the Zionists have financially shaken down any who they believe had anything to do with Hitler’s Germany," writes West, a viable source of news.

"They have slandered and even killed many people who they believe had the means to and/or acted against their agenda," claims the unbiased journalist.

T. West then uses the opportunity to reflect on a 20-year-old skirmish with his nemesis, ADL President Abe Foxman. ("Mr. Foxman cannot make me or break me," promises the very sane reporter.) Here’s a little sample:

"[Abe Foxman] challenged an article that I wrote about HIV/AIDS appearing to be a ‘race-specific weapon’. This was also during the time when certain Israelis were talking about a ‘race-specific weapon’ for targeting Arabs . . . Mr. Foxman then responded to this article stating that HIV/AIDS affected all people equally which was totally untrue and he had the CDC statistics that I provided. In 1995, it was found that Ashkenazim was the group from which greatest immunity to HIV/AIDS originated, a genetic mutation characteristic referred to as CCR5 Delta 32."

To sum up, the main source of the "Israelis are stealing organs" story also believes Israel created AIDS as a "race-specific weapon." (And yes, that is clearly what he’s saying. Don’t believe me? Read the entirety of his email or view his video below.) So any crazy can post conspiracy theories on a site filled with swimming hedgehogs and fat guys eating pizza rolls, and, somehow, their stories will still be taken seriously, and not just by dried up British prunes like Baroness Tonge (who, by the way, said in 2004 that if she lived in the occupied territories, she "might just consider becoming [a suicide bomber] myself").

Now, anyone who wants to rant about Israeli cannibals/vampires has a "reputable" source to quote. For a sampling, click here, here, here, here and here.

"The Internet is here . . . It is the vehicle through which knowledge shall be increased," proclaims today’s YouTube maniac and tomorrow’s Walter Cronkite, T. West of AfriSynergy Productions.

Like Woody Allen says: "Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean that they’re not after you."

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  1. snuffweedbooze

    I thought Britain was on it’s way to phasing out the House Of Lords.
    No better reason to do so, if they can shut out this inbred, blue-blooded bitch,

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