T. West of AfriSynergy Defends Baroness Jenny Tonge, Further Accuses Zionists of Stealing Organs and Creating AIDS

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From: T. West – CART/AfriSynergy

Date: Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 2:31 PM

Subject: Re: Heeb magazine

To: dana

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the question on this very important and internationally encompassing topic.

For many decades, the Zionists have financially shaken down any who they believe had anything to do with what Hitler’s Germany carried out beginning in the 1930s and part of the 1940s. They have slandered and even killed many people who they believe had the means to and/or acted against their agenda. Most commonly, they would brand them anti-semitic which is a misnomer because very few of the the elite clan, the Ashkenazim, are semitic. Semitic means Afro-Asiatic and prior to that, the term was Ham-Shemitic with reference to the biblical Ham and Shem. This is my answer to Mr. Abraham Foxman of the ADL referring to my referring to Jews in quotes. I have commented about an absurd incident with Mr. Foxman dating back to 1990 when he challenged an article that I wrote about HIV/AIDS appearing to be a "race-specific weapon". This was also during the time when certain Israelis were talking about a "race-specific weapon" for targeting Arabs. At that time, I quoted CDC statistics which indicated black females in America contracted HIV/AIDS at a rate six times that of white females. I then indicated that I had no evidence that black females were not any more promiscuous than white females. Mr. Foxman then responded to this article stating that HIV/AIDS affected all people equally which was totally untrue and he had the CDC statistics that I provided. In 1995, it was found that Ashkenazim was the group from which greatest immunity to HIV/AIDS originated, a genetic mutation characteristic referred to as CCR5 Delta 32. Today, the ratio between black females and white females is 20 to 1!

So here we are, 20 years later and Mr. Foxman and myself cross paths again. He attacked my conclusions in 1990 and was proven wrong and he now attacks today regards to the illegal trafficking in human organs. I am 100 percent certain he and others are wrong, once again. There are mountains of evidence of the illegal trafficking in body organs being centered around Israeli organizations and international organizations with close connections with those Israeli organizations. It is documented that the laws in the state of Israel, at least up until recently, enabled this trafficking which is illegal in just about every civilized country in the world.

Those who hold political office are especially vulnerable to the well funded and connected Zionist organizations. Baroness Jenny Tonge has experienced what many politicians in various centers or gates of power have experienced when questioning the efficacy of Israel and Israeli connected organizations. It is past time for politicians to stand for that which is right and have the courage to face the onslaught of the Zionist slander and threats. In part, politicians in America are at a standstill with the business of the country because of powerful entities that threatens them. Therefore, many of them are now choosing to resign from office rather than continue to go against that which they know is right.

Baroness Jenny Tonge is and remains an honorable servant of the people and more politicians should take note of her courage and stand united for the good of humanity. They will be threatened as I have been but the victory is to those who have the patience and courage to stand firm to their ideals when they know those ideals are right.

In closing, those who are trafficking in human organs must come to their senses and stop this sinister behavior. All of us are given a moment to be born and then the time comes when we see our last sunrise but the truth that we bring and embrace is what shall grow and last. We must not cannibalize each other to remain a short while longer in this life. Baroness Jenny Tonge was correct to ask that the Israeli government investigate the organ trafficking. The State of Israel and its international organizations and supporters must come clean with this or it will be its undoing.

T. West


SRDC/PADU Washington Facilitator

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  1. mayaperl

    Amm.. what was the question?!
    This guy has awful syntax; he should really come take a few English lessons under the Israeli education system, they teach you your grammar pretty damn well.

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