Woody Allen The…Pimp?

Among Woody Allen’s cinematic and cultural legacies, establishing the nebbish Jew as a sex symbol may be his most significant. Decades of Woody Allen films set the stage for twerpy East coasters to punch above their weight class in the dating pool. Are you an un-athletic, nearsighted yid who inexplicably managed to wake up next to an amazonian gentile? Thank Woody. He’s your facilitator. He’s your fixer. He’s your… well, pimp.

Now, in actor/director John Turturro’s upcoming Fading Gigolo, Woody plays just that – An inadvertent pimp for Turturro’s hapless amateur sex-for-hire talent. Take a look at the wheeling-dealing Woody, as “Dan Bongo,” in this just-dropped trailer:

It’s always strange to see someone with as singular a voice as Woody Allen in someone else’s films, but in this case, it looks like a perfect fit; Woody’s been helping the “untraditionally” handsome get laid for years. Finally, someone’s been smart enough to make a movie of it.

Fading Gigolo (Dir. J. Turturro) stars John Turturro, Woody Allen, Sophia Vergara and Sharon Stone. It screens at the Toronto International Film Festival

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