WNYW Anchor’s “Sitting Shiva” Screw Up

When Hizzoner Ed Koch died last week, the nation entered a period of mourning for one of its most colorful, and quintessentially New York characters. Whether you loved him, hated him, or swung wildly between the two, there’s no denying the degree to which Koch was defined by, and in turn, helped define the city he loved and lead for over a decade.

Koch’s funeral, at Manhattan’s fancy-schmancy Temple Emanu El Synagogue, was a major media event, with reporters on site covering everything from the processional music (It was, of course, “New York, New York”) to their own press passes. But, of all the funeral coverage we saw, nothing stood out quite like WNYW anchorwoman Dari Alexander‘s trouble getting her mouth around the phrase “sitting shiva“. Yup, you can see this one coming from a mile away… (turn your speakers up, the recording is pretty quiet)

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