Who’s Your Dadi?

It seems like just yesterday that the big story at the Olympics was a hug shared by a Georgian and a Russian. Please queue the sappy intro music yet again as now an Iranian and an Israeli have shared a hug at the Olympics. The warm embrace occurred after the opener of the men’s basketball tournament between Russian coach David Blatt (above right), who holds dual Israeli and American citizenship, and Iranian captain Mohammad Nikkhah, after Nikkhah was questioned by an Israeli journalist about the tensions between the two countries stemming from Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel views as a threat to its existence. Blatt also warmly greeted Iran’s 7-foot-2 center, Hamed Ehadadi (above left).

Okay, I admit it: I only blogged about this so I could title it, "Who’s Your Dadi?"

What do you think?

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Yid Vicious is a proud, self-hating Jew, who believes that Jon Stewart is the anti-Christ. His favorite food is toast.

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