Gmail Down, World CRUMBLES TO ITS KNEES!!!

Yes, Gmail went down for one hour (or there abouts) today. And you what that means– sheer PANIC. Check out this tidbit from the Dallas Morning News:

Gmail is down for me and Victor. Major outage?

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Apparently, according to the site Is It Everyone or Just Me, Gmail’s working for some people, but it hasn’t been working for me for the past 45 minutes. I’m getting a 502 error. Victor says he’s getting the same error.

Anyone out there experiencing the same thing or can you guys get into your accounts?

I know Gmail had some problems last week. Perhaps they haven’t been completely fixed or perhaps my Gmail account just feels as listless as I do.

Update 1: Other bloggers are reporting similar problems with Gmail, so it seems we do have a major outage. But Google isn’t saying what’s wrong with the service or when it will be back up. The most recent entry on the official Gmail blog is August 4 post on how to customize your Web clips, which is interesting but not particularly relevant to the problem hand.

Update 2: I would e-mail Google to ask for an explanation, but can’t for obvious reasons. If anyone from Google wants to comment or direct us to a link that explains the outage, please do. I’ll post the link up in the body of the entry here where people can see it.

Update 3: If you’re desperate to read your subject lines or compose a message, go to, the mobile version of Gmail. Clicking on the subjects will get you a server error.

Update 4: It’s back up for me. Anyone still down?

Luckily for the people down in Dallas (who would have most certainly busted out, guns blazing, if the situation hadn’t righted itself, "Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!") and for the world at large, Gmail is back. So wipe away your tears, friends, and put away the sunscreen– you don’t have to go outside.


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