Which Is Worse: Tossing Infants Off a Roof or Snipping Babies’ Schmeckles?

Watching tiny tots free fall from the roof of a mosque (video after the jump) as part of a 500-year-old ceremony in western India’s Maharastra district got me thinking about another age-old ritual carried out on newborns: the bris.

Sure, snipping the schmeckle of your baby boy while eating a bagel with whitefish is tradition, but it’s still a bizarre thing to do to an infant in the name of God. It’s probably as nuts as flinging your kid off a roof and onto a cloth sheet held by Muslim and Hindu worshippers to ensure good health and prosperity. What do you think?

What do you think?

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  1. Norman_Fell

    Even worse: the glimpse I caught of my wife sunbathing last Thursday.


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