When Jews Call Jews Nazis: Curb Your Enthusiasm Wants You Exterminated

With basic cable’s acquisition of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s now inevitable that, through the mind-controlling miracle of syndication, Larry David’s aesthetic will trickle down to all Americans. (First Seinfeld, now Curbed. After a few years of constant reruns, just about everyone will be programmed with Jewish black humor.)

But not everyone’s happy. Michael Savage, token Jew of the right-wing radio machine, calls David out as a secret Nazi! Continuing the meme Heeb spotted months ago, former coffee-enema advocate Savage–who will always be Michael Weiner to us–says, “I believe that the only people who find Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm something interesting to watch would be the Nazi groups.” Crazy freak even thinks the whole thing might be conspiracy to promote antisemitism.

So if you’ve ever found yourself chuckling at Larry’s bumbling misunderstandings, you might as well shave a swastika into your fucking scalp, you self-hating piece of shit.

What do you think?

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