Smackdown: Clinton/Bush Fight Called Off

Clinton and Dubya were finally gonna have it out with a drag-out, bare-knuckles fight, according to promoters and the New York Post. Like the Foreman/Ali fight but with old, white presidents, except it was mostly made up.

It was all going down at American Jewish University of Los Angeles, with a follow-up match at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately, Slick Willy backed out. Spokesman Matt McKenna blames the overeager promotion company for hyping what was meant to be a friendly, civil, moderated panel discussion.

But promoters didn’t even have power of approval over advertising or press releases. Truth is, Madison Square Garden executives were the ones with final approval and are responsibile for the whole fiasco. In fact, MSG staff are the only ones with public statements before and after the cancellation.

And because Clinton dropped out after the tickets sold, the American Jewish University is out millions. Yeah, Clinton and Bush II also lose their fees — reportedly $150,000 each — but old, white presidents are always rolling in the benjamins, unlike Jews (post Madoff).

What do you think?

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