Whatever Happened to The Flagpole Licker in A Christmas Story?

“I was wild and crazy,” Scotty Schwartz says of his days licking a frosted flag pole in A Christmas Story and kicking it with Richard Pryor in The Toy, but some would say his post-child-stardom employment was a little wilder.

For a few years in the ’90s, Scotty flirted with the adult film industry, even snagging an Adult Video News Award for Best Actor in a Non-Sex Role for Silver Screen Confidential. He took a shot at a sex role just once, but unfortunately “there wasn’t any wood in the lumber yard.”

Now Scotty is married and runs his father’s shop, Baseball Cards and Movie Collectibles, in Westlake Village, California. Save for the annual Christmas Story House Convention he attends for autograph signings, the former thespian pretty much spends every day keeping the old man’s store in shape. “I handle the customers, I vacuum, I clean the windows like at any regular job,” he says. “It’s not like because I’m the boss’s kid I get preferential treatment.”

Translation: He doesn’t get to wear superhero leotards to work.

For those who can’t wait for the most wonderful time of the year, check out Christmas in July at A Christmas Story House & Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  1. Hebrewzzi

    A Jewish guy who got to eff Jenna Jameson…my hero! :-)

    “A Christmas Story” is also one of my favorite movies of all time. I even have a replica of the leg lamp in my bedroom!

  2. iconic

    Flagpole licking, never quite caught on.
    But, going Chinese at Christmas….


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