The Burqini, So Unsexy It Hurts

Skimpy bikinis are so 2000 and late. The newest look according to USA Today are swimsuits for observant women. Muslims, Jews and Chrisitans can all enjoy the fashionable, water-side turbans and swim dresses in both knee-length and elbow-hugging beach wear. (And some accept donations.)

No need to worry anymore about a titty popping out or the wet material drooping like a soaking towel. Now, synthetic fabrics and muted designs bring the best of both worlds to look semi-decent in front of the other ladies or gasp, gentiles. My favorite is the "burqini," seen above, apparently also worn by Muslim Aussie lifeguards on duty. And wow, the website is so unsexy it hurts. On that note, let summer begin!

Sea Secret Modest Swim Wear Orthodox Jews Muslims Modest Swimwear Muslim Women Burqini

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