Westboro Baptist’s Parody of Bette Midler’s “From A Distance”

Back in November, we met our new friends from Kansas at the GA in NOLA. They have been nice enough to share their new interpretation of Bette Midler’s “From A Distance,” and we have to admit, it’s not that much worse than the original version.

God has sent us—there is mutiny

And it echoes through this land

And he’s left you no hope—it’s his lambs he loves

He’ll destroy the rest of man

He gave mankind hope—for obedience

But you rejected Christ, the man

And God is watching you-he sees all you do

God is watching you—chasing your lust

Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

What do you think?

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Bernard Mendelbaum

Bernard Mendelbaum is a retired insurance policy man from Rye, New York.

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