The War On Christmas Gets A Touch Of PBS Class With This Ken Burns Spoof

By now we’re probably used to hearing about “The War on Christmas” only in the context of shrill, alarmist Fox News pundits whipping their viewers into a yuletide frenzy over whether or not the phrase “Happy Holidays” runs counter to America’s Christian founding. Suffice it to say, “The War on Christmas” has, to date, not been a particularly classy affair.

Wouldn’t people take this so-called “war” more seriously if it were presented, not by screechy talking heads, but by the soothing tones of PBS docu-dynamo Ken Burns? Well, thanks to the folks at Slate V, we can finally experience the “War on Christmas” as the somber, heart wrenching conflict it truly is – A conflict which threatens to tear this country asunder with but a single tug at a loose stitch on our national Christmas sweater.

[via Slate]

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