Wanna Be Gene Simmons’ KISS Demon For Halloween? Fine, Here You Go.

If you think about it, Halloween and Gene Simmons have a lot in common; There’s the obvious commonality of shticky theatrics and layers of makeup and costume, there’s a similar history of sexually commodifying women, and the fact that, at this point, both Simmons and Halloween are aggressively annoying, and entirely inescapable, facets of popular culture.

Still, even the most jaded among us have to admit that KISS managed to crank out a few -and I mean few – decent tunes (*ahem*Strutter*ahem*) and that October 31st doesn’t have to be a total shit show. With that in mind, here’s Chaim Witz’s step-by-step demonstration on how to apply his iconic “Demon” makeup, just in time for Halloween.

[via Laughing Squid]

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    I was “Ghostbuster-in-a-jacket” three years running. There’s no greater childhood shame than answering “..And who are you supposed to be?” by unzipping a parka.


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