Urban Kvetch: My Last Date

My Last Date
I don’t mind paying, but don’t pretend I have a choice. Motioning oh-so-innocently toward your purse and asking me if you can pay half is not a sincere offer. Rather, it is a dual warning: If I let you pay half, I am a jerk, and when I decline to take your money, you owe me nothing, since you “offered.” Despite the fact that you ordered an appetizer and a dessert along with your main course, I accept your terms. But, you could have at least insisted on leaving the tip.

What do you think?

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  1. Ron Isaacson

    On the other hand, if on the last date, she motions to her purse, then you should ask, “How would you like to split the check?” (Especially if she ordered extras…)

    Automatically paying the full check because it is the manly thing to do might be generous and full of chivalry, but when the relationship was already headed south, and she bought the ten-course meal, you end up looking like “Putz of the Year!”



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