Unknown Interests Hack Access to Journalists’ Info

Thousands of journalists received an email in early January containing the following warning,

CoveritLive recently discovered that certain proprietary data files were accessed without authorization starting on or about January 7th, 2012. We have not yet determined to what extent CoveritLive account information was accessed. We do know, however, that no financial account information has been compromised.
[…]out of an abundance of caution we recommend that if you registered for CoveritLive using an email address and password combination that you use for other online accounts, you should immediately create unique passwords or login credentials for those other sites.

CoveritLive is a service used by reporters to link smart phones to the back end of their outlets’ websites for easier live blogging.

So whomever has hacked this service may have the user names and passwords of many, many journalists. That includes those linked to Lena Bilderberg’s unassumed identity. It also includes live bloggers for the BBC, Fox News, and other familiar outlets.

Assumedly, the hacking body could blackout live coverage on the service, or hijack a stream to publish that which it wills.

And as the notification itself points out, many people use the same passwords from one online service to the next — such as email.

Just who would have an interest in such a cornucopia of personal information about journalists?

What do you think?

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