Umanic Panic

El Al was helpless when a riot broke out on its flight to Kiev on Sunday morning. Apparently, a group of Chasidim traveling to the grave of Rav Nachman in Uman became enraged when the flight started to show a film, and these Bratslavers started to turn that mother out.

But in all seriousness, can you blame them?

The last time we were forced to endure a Mathew McConaughey film on an international flight, I nearly set our yarmulke on fire. Please, no more romantic comedies featuring men approaching forty who still haven’t grown up.

What do you think?

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7 Responses

  1. Puck

    Hmmm so watching a film is forbidden, but rioting and distressing the other passengers and staff…that’s fine?
    Still, I guess if they were going to have to watch a Matthew McConaughey film, the riot was the lesser of two evils.
    Couldn’t they just close t

  2. iconic

    the Israel News says that they ” began going wild ” ” when the screens began to unfold. ”
    So it sounds like they may not even have SEEN the film.

  3. jewdar

    They would know if Mathew McConaughey were involved, there would be an announcement.

    And wrapping yourself in plastic only works in protecting against contamination from corpses; nothing protects against M Mc.

  4. Puck

    Just as well it wasn’t a Lindsay Lohan film, that would’ve brought the plane down :P


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