Not only are braces officially taboo among the haredi these days, ultra-Orthodox Jewesses may face difficulty finding a salon to trim those bushy brows.

Rabbi Yosef Elyashiv’s ruling regarding braces was announced last week. By creating a "barrier" between person and water, the orthodontic devices disqualify women from taking their cleansing dip, even though you keep your mouth closed during the mikvah. Removable braces will have to be used going forward.

Now, in Modin Illit, an haredi settlement in the West Bank, it’s been decided that advertisements for eyebrow shaping are just too enticing for the men to handle.


This is not the ad in question. However, the above is most erotic eyebrow-related image I could find on the web. Though attractive, it doesn’t appear dangerous.

Ultra-Orthodox women are, however, still allowed to blow their noses, use the restroom and speak. For now. It’s a slippery slope to that burqa, you know.