Turning a Prophet (For a Small Fee)

Let it never be said that some things are unteachable. At least, let it never be said in front of Shmuel Hapartzy, who operates the Prophecy School By The Name Of Cain and Abel in Tel Aviv. Yes, according to Hapartzy, for the nominal fee of 200 shekels (a little upwards of fifty bucks) anyone can learn the basics of prophesy, just like in the bible.

From the school’s Facebook page “about” section:

Help new tallented generation find reliable and helpfull sources for their special talants – telepathy, dreams understanding, healing and diagnosing on distance, intuitive answers from spiritual worlds etc. The lessons are in Russian and Hebrew.

Problematic grammar and spelling aside, it all sounds like fairly uh… “spiritual” stuff (Telepathy! Intuitive answers!)

So, what'd you get for question 15?

So, what’d you get for question 15?

As the Washington Post reported last week, Hapartzy’s school has attracted its fair share of detractors who reject the notion that prophesy can be taught. After all, Moses wasn’t exactly doing coursework before flaming foliage started talking to him. That said, Moses also didn’t get a diploma (suitable for framing) like graduates of Prophesy School reportedly do.

Unfortunately, according to their Facebook page, the school does not currently offer online classes, so the only way to know for sure if their lessons works is to matriculate in person. Who knows? This might be the only school on Earth where praying to god you don’t bomb your final exams might actually work.

What do you think?

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