That Time Steve-O Was A Bar Mitzvah Entertainer [VIDEO]

Steve-O has been many things over the course of his career. He’s been a professional clown, a world-famous jackass, and yes, even the main-attraction entertainment at one lucky kid’s skate park-themed Bar Mitzvah party.

In a slickly-produced video, Steve-O congratulates Bar Mitzvah boy Jacob on “just an incredible Bar Mitzvah” adding “…The first one I’ve ever been to, I’m pretty sure?” And while, for some of you, it may be something of a head scratcher why Jacob’s parents thought it appropriate to hire a notorious recovering substance/self-abuser to entertain a room full of impressionable yutes, Mr. O seem to be happy, healthy, and having a goddamned blast at Jacob’s party. He even got to “ride a chair up and down” which he proclaims was “fucking cool” (which, you know, maybe not quite as cool as getting a tattoo while Rollins bombs around in a bouncing dune buggy, but hey, let’s take the man at his word.)

Besides, any Bar Mitzvah video that prominently features The Minutemen’s “Corona” is alright by me.

Check it out:

So Jacob, we say to you: “Mazal Tov, today you are a man!” (actually, two months ago, according to the video upload date.)(Also did you all catch that “make it rain” swipe Jacob does when they lift him on the chair? This kid’s going places.)

And to Steve-O we say: “Mazal Tov on your first(?) Bar Mitzvah. And please, never, ever come to a bris.

[via Reddit, image via vimeo screengrab]

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