The More the Merrier?

Yesterday, Slate “discussed”: polygamy in America, and specifically among Muslims. Only about 1% of Muslim-Americans practice polygamy, but with the number of Muslim-Americans at 2.35 million strong, it does mean that perhaps as many as 20,000 of them are polygamists (mostly African-American Muslims or recent immigrants from West Africa, according to a Beloit College religious studies professor who’s writing a book on the subject). And on that subject:

Senegalese-American hip-hop star Akon casually revealed to a New York radio host in late 2006 that he not only had four mothers growing up but also currently has several wives at home in Atlanta. (He said he would go public with his “multimonogamous” family only if he had his own reality show. Just imagine it: _Big Love_ meets _Run’s House_.)

Yes, please!

And if you’re interested in unconventional romantic entanglements, here’s _Heeb_’s “coverage”: of polyamory, a phenomenon quite different from polygamy but just as intriguing.

What do you think?

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