The Ladies of ’69

By now you’re probably familiar with Gilles Bensimon’s photos of a Esti Ginzburg grasping a message in a bottle; lobsters on the verge of attacking Bar Refaeli; and Donna Feldman reading Phillip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint. Yet, the “Ladies of ’69” pull-out calendar featured six of the most beautiful Jewish women in the world.

Don’t let another year go without feasting your eyes on nubile and innocent Neta Bell-Silber;Â Moran Atias with a metal detector; and Adi Neumann in a teeny bikini. These beauties can only be found in the pull-out calendar. Sure, it’s out of date, but these ladies don’t spoil. Get a free calendar (while supplies last) with any purchase (excluding subscriptions that begin with the next issue) you make in the Heeb store.

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  1. 1queerjew

    Do you really need a pull out calendar of super skinny Israeli women deemed the “most beautiful Jewish women in the world” to get people to buy your magazine. What happened to the edgy alternative, question and make fun of pop culture attitude of this magazine? Just indulging in a little fetishizing of Israeli women – how original. Shame on you! Your clearly far from your grassroots, alternative, start.

  2. ohreally

    Seriously. Turning Heeb into a misogynistic magazine seems unnecessary and incredibly unfortunate. Being notorious is one thing, offensive another. Yes, offensive.

  3. Puck

    Oh for goodness sake, and people say I’m a prude.
    It is not misogynistic to admire beauty in the female form, even a jewmo like myself can appreciate that young Esti is babelicious and totally worthy of being worshipped like the goddess that she obviously is.
    Get over it, oi.

  4. philosopherkrista

    Oy, maybe, but this will be the first issue (ever) that I don’t buy…because I can get a negative self image from Cosmo, and cheaper. I miss Heeb…

  5. Puck

    I’ve never bought an issue :P
    I’m sure you’re lovely, and probably much smarter than the women in the calendar…not that you can’t be hot and intelligent mind…but…erm…you know what I mean.
    My only objection to the calendar is the rampant airbrushing…they’re edited the photos so much they look more like CGI characters than human beings.
    Still, it’s a swimsuit calendar, I’m sure noone wants to see my mother (for example) in a swimsuit…I’m still getting over it myself.

    Um…actually…the cover says the photos are by Roman Polanski…that’s a joke isn’t it? Isn’t he like, a child rapist who sucked in his victim by offering to shoot her for French Vogue?
    *prepares righteous indignation*

  6. Hesed

    “misogynistic”… LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Are you sure about that? LMFAO.

    That’s RICH!!! The crusade for making sure that no man ever gets any enjoyment from being attracted to women. No wonder feminism is in the state it’s in.

    It may be a ploy, it may even be a labeled a sellout, but it aint misogyny. Here’s a tip, you want people to appreciate you for being the insightful and wise person that you are…then stop saying stupid shit. You want men to accept you for who you are…then stop making them feel like shit for being who THEY ARE.

    So I like looking at girls in bikinis, at least I stopped beating my girlfriend.

    (I’m with you Puck, I hate that airbrush shit)

  7. kevin47579

    Can’t wait to pick up the new issue. These women are hot. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work!

  8. kevin47579

    Some of the hottest women around. I’m picking up a copy today. Keep up the great work guys!

  9. Puck

    “The crusade for making sure that no man ever gets any enjoyment from being attracted to women”
    See, I’m so already there lol.
    Religionandstateinisrael, nothing personal, but would you shut the f*ck up with your bollocks, sheesh…I didn’t realise it was possible to be a Jewish and still feel comfortable spreading such virulent anti-semitic rubbish. Whilst you’re building up such a head of steam over such serious issues as topless DJ’s, perhaps you could reserve some ire for truth in journalism hmmm?
    And Americanjewgolo, put it away ;)

  10. notoriousJ.A.P.

    I think the idea of a swimsuit edition is hysterical, and it’s good to send the message that there are beautiful Jewish too. Let’s face it our people are not particulalrly known for our sexiness.

    But race theory seems a lot more relevant here than feminism. Are all of the gilrs as aryan looking as the ones in the picture above? If Heeb has selected six women who look like shiksas but happen to be Jewish it’s really not sending such a positive message.

  11. kunteyes

    What’s with all the heeb vagina hatin’?! It’s hot, it’s fresh, and it’s kosher. I say, “More Israeli vagina, please.” Oh, and if your login is “1queerjew”, shut your gefilte fish hole. Obviously, this issue wasn’t aimed at YOU! ;-p

  12. iconic

    These girls are beautiful.
    These girls are Jewish.

    because they may not look Jewish enough ” it’s really not sending such a positive message.”
    Get over it……..

  13. Puck

    Not look Jewish enough?
    What does that even mean?
    What, we should all have big noses and a jewfro??
    I don’t have a big nose or a Jewfro, so does that mean I look like a gentile? There are Asian Jews, African Jews, and G-d forbid…blonde Jews with blue eyes!! Suggesting that the old stereotype about what Jews look like is accurate is, to me, not sending such a positive message.
    K*nteyes is funny :P Israeli nudity, in general, is to be commended and encouraged.
    Sooooooooooooo…when’s the male calendar coming out?

  14. iconic

    Exactly what I’m saying about that positive message statement.
    notoriousJ.A.P. should rethink that….and also the part about
    “our people are not particularly known for our sexiness.”
    Does notorious think sexiness is maybe an aryan thing??

  15. Puck

    Well said, Iconic.
    I’ve always had a preference for MOTT’s myself…there are loads of hot Jews…and I’m sure the women are lovely as well, sexiness is totally a Jew thing…if the gentiles (or some of our own) can’t see that, it’s their loss :P

  16. notoriousJ.A.P.

    Heeb is a piece of media and my comments reflected it as such (not anyone’s personal preferences or what any of us happen to look like). Certainly Heeb is free to use whomever they want as their models, but if they do take a disproportionate amount of models of one type from a heterogeneous population, the majority of whom are not of that type, it does have an impact on the viewer, particularly in a historical context where until a few decades ago that type was privileged as the standard of beauty in America.

    The equivalent of other minority groups’ shiksa goddess complex and the disproportionate success in the media (not just American, Indian, Arab and Latin American too) of minorities who look more “white” than many of their cohorts is not something I am the first to point out and is something that sociologists and psychiatrists have often linked to the problematic of group empowerment and identity (like how Afros and “Black is Beautiful!” becamse part of the black empowerment movement in the civil rights era, because hair straghtening had previously been the norm and was seen as symptomatic of reification of white standards of beauty and therby harmful to African American’s self esteem. It’s not a question of looking “Jewish enough,” but of having been shot in a context where the standard has often been looking white enough.

    And about your objection to my comment of out people are not particularly known for their sexiness; I still don’t think that sexiness is one of the stereotypes that people hold of Jews (at least not in the US.) There are plenty of models of nebishy Woody Allen types and the female equivalent out there, but even Jewdar’s review of Zohan points out that the Jewish protagonist defined by his virility is a new one. And again, my comments were on Heeb as a piece of media in a specific context, not how any of us look or what we like personally.

  17. Puck

    Quite the little essay there, Tolstoy.
    It’d have more oomph if you’d actually seen the entire calendar, which your comments indicate is not the case.
    I find your desire to have the calendar live up to the stereotype of what people think we should look like bizarre. Perhaps the point of the calendar was to bust that particular myth.

  18. notoriousJ.A.P.

    Thanks, I have a really boring job. But I don’t see how you got a “desire to have the calendar live up to the stereotype of what people think we should look like” from any of it.

    Of course I haven’t seen the calander, that’s why I asked in the first comment “are all of the gilrs as aryan looking as the ones in the picture above?” That was actually meant as a question.

  19. irsslex

    Leave it to Jews to wonder and argue about the propriety of a gorgeous woman on the front of a magazine. It’s just absurd. Those who object to this, get over yourselves. Queer, stupid, whatever. You’re just a tad too in love with yourselves to be able to enjoy something without questioning its motivation or basic goodness. i mean, it’s not as if that gal is going to pop off the page and sit in your lap. And that, indeed, is a pity.

  20. Puck

    If you fold the calendar it’s almost like she *is* sitting on your lap.
    *giggles like a Japanese schoolgirl at a Justin Timberlake concert*

  21. girldetective

    Hey, how about a men’s swimsuit issue?

    Oh, right – that would be obscene and gay and icky and stuff, and also women don’t read Heeb anyway.


  22. neurolux

    As a man, am I supposed to be offended by the nude hunk calendars I see for sale every year? Seeing the rippling chests of topless firefighters really make me hate myself.

  23. Hesed

    I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but I am going to defend Heeb.

    To the ladies who think that Heeb has ventured into the Andrew Dice Clay realm by publishing six women in bikinis in this one issue, I would like to issue a challenge to you:

    Find another magazine who’s stated purpose is not solely for the discussion of feminist issues (or one of those aweful fashion magazines) that has more women editors, directors, authors, contributors…who have over the years interviewed more prominent women, taken up more womens issues and topics of interest for women than Heeb Magazine. (real issues, not bullshit issues like women golfers getting the right to play in mens tournaments) This isn’t my opinion, you can go back and check. If womens issues were really as important to some of you as your griping would have us believe, you would have long since recognized this fact.

    I recognized it years ago and I’m only as interested in the womans perspective as I need to be in order to get laid. So much so that I once made a wisecrack that they should change the magazine’s name to “Sheeb”. (if you look in the right column of this page you’ll see they decided to use it) So please, get over yourselves and realize that six women in bikinis doesn’t undo that.

  24. drf202

    I’m totally with Notorious J.A.P. on this. I don’t have a problem with there being a Jewish swimsuit calender. Yes, Moran Attias, Neta Bell, and Donna Feldman, do fit the “looking Jewish” stereotype a little better, but all the press shows Bar and Esti. The most disgusting this was seeing Adi Neuman inteviewed on an Israeli entertianment show saying, “You know why all the Jewish guys like me? It’s because I don’t “look Jewish”…I have Shiksappeal.” And I think that probably summed up what the guys who chose the models were thinking, because it’s probably what their readers want. And there are Jewish women of all different colors and ethnicities, so why is there only one Mizrachi woman? Where’s the beautiful Esti Memo (of Ethiopian descent)? And yeah, if were going to have Ashkenazim, can we at least have some who LOOK like Askenazim? Some other questions: Aren’t there 12 months in a year? What, they couldn’t find another six beautiful Jewish women in the world?! And are there no beautiful American-Jewish women (not that I have any problem with Israelis, I’m both)? Yes, there’s Donna Feldman, but I believe she’s of Israeli-descent. This does a disservice to American-Jewish women who STILL aren’t viewed as sexy (HEEB, is after all and American-Jewish magazine), and also to Israeli women (yeah, here comes the feminist zinger…) who are often viewed by young American Jews as the sexy cousins they come to fuck when on vacation in Israel.

  25. Puck

    Israelis ARE the sexy cousins we come to fuck when we go to Israel ;P

  26. jewlicious

    No offense Puck, but it’s really rare for Israeli women to have casual sex with American Jewish tourists. They’re way more sensible than that and more often than not have a boyfriend. Unless you are paying them, in which case they’re not really Israeli but actually from the FSU.

  27. Puck

    No offense taken, it’s really rare for me to have sex with a woman…period :P
    And I’m not American, I’m Australian, everyone loves us ;)

  28. jewlicious

    Sorry Puck. I was duly informed that you’re not a dorky American guy on the make for poontang in Petach Tikvah or some tail in Tel Aviv. As a woman, and an Australian one at that, you’d have almost limitless suitors amongst the Hebrew horndogs in the Holy land.

    Holy alliteration Batman!

  29. Puck

    I don’t even know where to start with this one lol.
    Suffice to say, Israeli boys are easy (I mean that in a totally respectful way of course), no matter which side of the fence they’re on :P And they’re hot…so very, very hot.

  30. Puck

    That was a reference to their sexuality, not an oblique political commentary on the validity and constitutional legality (or lack thereof) of the ‘barrier’ btw ;)

  31. iconic

    LOL . I had understood that your reference was to their sexuality….not about the ‘barrier.’

  32. elche

    HMMM, those girls remind me more of a few topless blond Spanish babes I met at the beach in Barcelona. You sure those are not the same girls? They look pretty European to me. But again we also came from Spain.
    I am sure I didnt see any of those girls on my last trip to Israel or the one before that one. Please tell me where those girls are. Unless they were taken out of Europe for that shoot on a round trip fly with EL AL airlines. I should have known Frenchie Gilles Bensimon took the pix Heeb couldnt find a great Jewish shooter in Israel? And I dont meant a sniper :)

  33. Puck

    Yeah sorry, all the big nosed, overweight Jewfro chicks were already busy doing American sitcoms and reinforcing ethnic stereotypes for the likes of you *rolls eyes*
    And what? They need a Jewish photographer as well? Yeah, ‘cos as Jews we can only interact with others of the tribe. Grow up.
    What exactly does a ‘European’ look like, btw?

  34. jewdar

    Gilles Bensimon may be French, but with that last name, he’s almost certainly a Moroccan Jew.

  35. Cello

    Puck: “Yeah sorry, all the big nosed, overweight Jewfro chicks were already busy doing American sitcoms and reinforcing ethnic stereotypes for the likes of you rolls eyes”

    WHAT American sitcoms are you watching? Who are you talking about?

    I find this tiresome from Heeb. Why didn’t they just do 6 chicks and 6 guys? Then we’d all have something to, er, look at. Instead, it turns a magazine that was edgy and “unisex” (for lack of a better word), to “for men”. And yes, I love the female form, it’s beautiful, etc., ad nauseum, but why even bother calling it a swimsuit issue? If they’d put a headline of “times are tough, we need more revenue – babes in bikinis move mags”, I could at least laugh at it. As is, it’s just more of the same old photoshopped T&A from a new source.

    I guess they’re after the newly bar mitzvah’d demographic?

    Well, I’ll reserve further judgement till I see it in person…

  36. ramonvalentine

    these women are gorgeous.

    so they made a swimsuit calendar. get over it.

  37. Anonymous

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  38. Half_Jew_Rachel

    I will throw myself off this earth if it becomes unacceptable to look at pictures of hot women in bathing suits. Swimsuit calendars are always amazing.

  39. Oh my!

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