The Hanukkah Virus

This Hanukkah, an explosion of viral Jewish music videos hits the web, each with its own unique blend of Jewish and pop cultural elements. If you appreciate truly bizarre Jewish esoterica (like we do) then here are a few you shouldn’t miss:

1. Kosher Crunk
It’s the _Jazz Singer_ meets the Dirty South in “this video”: about an Orthodox rabbi instructing a couple of yeshiva boys in the art of kosher crunk.

2. More Kosher Crunk
That’s right, another “crunk video”: about Hanukkah: this one with thugs waving uzis and praising their dreidels.

3. Hardcore Hannukah Dance
Yeshiva girls gone wild break out of Pico-Robertson for a party in the Valley in a “_Clueless_ meets _Yentl_ mash-up.”:

4. Jewish Punks
In “this parody”: of Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” by Yidcore, paper cut-out inmates bust out of prison and sing the praise of famous Jewish punks like Richard Hell, Mick Jones and Joey Ramone.

5. Zionist Rap
The Middle East conflict is portrayed as the world’s oldest turf war in the “this one”: by Jew Da Maccabi. In the words of Da Maccabi: “All you haters all around want my land. Stop tryin’!”

What do you think?

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  1. mrnhghts

    Saw video number one. I mean, it isn’t bad. It is really, really bad. Where did you find this shit? Did you make this? If you didn’t , why would you possibly promote this video? Is it your brother or something?

    The second one is almost as bad. But at le

  2. iconic

    I liked these ! The one I went back to listen to more than once was Jewish Punks.
    “so much funica”…..


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