The Best of 5767: Music

_As you might’ve heard, the lunar calendar finished its cycle and the Jewish year 5767 became 5768. We considered fireworks and a night of pick-pocketing in Times Square, but instead we decided to use the opportunity to reflect upon the best the past year had to offer in the arts and culture. So, here’s the best in music of the lunar year 5767 from the loonies here at_ Heeb.

1. “LCD Soundsystem”:
Sound of Silver
(Capitol Records)
The Manhattan dance-rock collective scored its first unofficial hit with “Losing My Edge,” a minimalist club anthem that sounded like a record-collecting Woody Allen fronting the Fall. But as bandleader James Murphy proved by releasing an inspired sophomore effort, his early predictions of irrelevancy were both entirely premature and inaccurate. Sound of Silver is a snarky cowbell smorgasbord bursting with more wryness than a supermarket bread aisle. Preserving his edge is more like it. ARYE DWORKEN

The best of the rest:
2. “Marissa Nadler”:, _Songs III: Bird on the Water_ (Kemado)
3. “Battles”:, _Mirrored_ (Warp)
4. “Clipse”:, _Lord Willin’_ (Re-Up/Jive)
5. “Against Me!”:, _New Wave_ (Sire)
6. “Electrelane”:, _No Shouts, No Calls_ (Too Pure)
7. “Marnie Stern”:, _In Advance of the Broken Arm_ (Kill Rock Stars)
8. “Under Byen”:, _Samme Stof Som Sof_ (Paper Bag)
9. “El-P”:, _I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead_ (Definitive Jux)
10. “Amy Winehouse”:, _Back to Black_ (Island)

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