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Not unlike many _Heeb_ readers, I suppose, I was sexually deprived as an adolescent. While I sat at home during my school days doing “you know what”:, the other kids engaged in shenanigans like strip poker and bottomless scavenger hunt. But to the best of my knowledge they never engaged in anything like what came to light the other day in Australia when “a six-year-old”: started a sex club for classmates.

The ringleader has apparently entered counselling so he can learn why it’s much better that he spend his time locked up in his home, alone, watching too much tv, fantasizing and daydreaming so he can one day grow up to be an resentful, over-sexed nerd who desperately scans Australian newspapers for titlating blog fodder.

What do you think?

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  1. roman

    Wow, it sounds like the mother needs a little counseling for being overprotective. If a sex club for six-year-olds consists of show and tell in a corner, or even touch and tell, I think EVERYONE has been in a sex club as a child.

  2. iconic

    agree with you roman. The mother here is calling this “sexual crime.”
    I am calling this hysteria. This woman needs counselling.


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