The Best “Call me Maybe” Parody Ever

I know what you’re thinking. If I have to watch another “Call Me Maybe” parody I might just go all Oedipal with an ice cream scoop. (If you didn’t get that reference, then I suggest a refresher in tenth grade English. Or Google). But trust me, this is the best one out there. And I’m not just saying that because it features better looking people than the average parody, or because it’s the length I wish the actual song was.

I can’t actually tell you why it’s the best without giving it away. But trust me, it’s very Heeb-friendly. Meaning, of course, that it’s my real-life nightmare, but the stuff that excellent parodies are made of. Watch it maybe. (Or definitely.)


What do you think?

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Megan Sass is a natural redhead. She is also a writer, actor, and Hebrew School teacher. Turn-ons include: Boxer Dogs, Falafel, and Fanboys (especially those residing in the capital of the DC Universe). You can follow her on twitter at @Megan_Sass.

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  1. Hector F. Mejia

    I can’t stand anymore parodies of this ridiculous song…but watching this was worth it. I was cracking up all over. Thanks for the link Sass, I would’ve totally missed it without the heads-up.


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